conference, trade data reflects the current economic trend, there is the whole of the real economy as a support. Among them, the central and western regions of development, explore new markets and rising level of trade facilitation and other comparative advantages for China to provide the conditions. "As for the question, there will be a corresponding control measures to regulations, including laws and regulations of the Exchange, statistics, trade management, quality inspection and quarantine areas." Weak recovery to be trade Chunnuan In fact, from the beginning of this year, the first three months of trade data have maintained a rapid growth. Recently, the United States, European Union, Japan and Brazil and other countries to improve the economy, a slight improvement in the overall international market demand, it is considered air max 95  to be the current round of China's exports rebound biggest motivating factor. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce of 
China 1900 key foreign trade enterprises in the survey, the results show that, despite sluggish external demand, rising costs, increased competition and other factors still enterprises to expand exports constrain, but export orders does appear to rise, exports of confidence than the previous period has been restored. Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang, these findings do further description: "According to the survey, the amount of export orders in March compared to February and has increased the total number of enterprises accounted for 38.7 percent of the surveyed enterprises, which is from 2012 more than 35% for the first time since April. in addition, the amount of decline in export orders enterprises accounted for 21.2%, lower than the 25
 percent for the first time since July 2012. "Nevertheless, the pressure at the head of the foreign trade enterprises in external demand, cost and trade environment "three big mountains" remain. From the Ministry of Commerce grasp of the situation, in March considered weak external demand affect the export business is still as high as  air max 90 essential 77%, that rising costs affect the export enterprises accounted for 55.7%. "If the data from April to confirm the improvement of China's foreign trade is completely unbelievable. From the data changes and changes in the import structure of imports, the domestic economy does have signs of improvement, but the pressure is not the existence of small, absolutely look air China's economy and China's economy is too optimistic for both