views are not desirable. "Li Youhuan analysts say. Trade friction Forced industrial upgrading, according to the Commerce Department trade relief network statistics, in 2012, the global total of 21 countries have initiated 77 trade remedy investigations against China, involving an increase   nike flyknit air max of 73%. In addition, the first quarter of this year, a total of 12 countries have initiated 22 trade remedy measures against Chinese investigation. Light industry is labor-intensive industries, tend to be high in the field of international trade friction. "At present, China for many years to become shoes, bags, ceramics and other light industrial products, the largest exporter, but also suffer more and more trade friction, which requires us to speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading.
 China Crafts Wenfeng Li, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, told reporters: "Now, many companies noted the existence of low profits, high risk issues such as OEM, began to refuse to accept large orders, and gradually get rid of the control of international buyers, through the production of high-quality small batch fashion products, accounting for the high-end market segments, grasp the price right to speak. "According to him, in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, many light industry cluster development trend appears. In Quanzhou, Fujian Province, for example, sports shoes and sneakers export delivery value of $ 3 billion, $ 1.6 billion export; luggage annual exports of $ 400 million; ceramic resin crafts annual exports of $ 400 million; Rattan and Iron Arts exports to $ 300 million.
 These industrial clusters with a high degree of specialization and socialization, with a complete industrial chain and supporting capacity, economies of scale play, the formation of a number of regional brands. "Adjust the structure of foreign trade to the way does not mean banning labor-intensive industries in fact, adjust the structure of foreign trade to the way a very wide connotation: on the one hand to enhance  air max thea the level of modern industry, enhance industrial competitiveness, on the other hand also take into account the development of labor-intensive industries the Chinese labor still has elements of comparative advantage, promoting employment is an important goal of macroeconomic policies, so the current foreign trade policy will pay attention to the way the balance and employment. "Wenfeng Li said. Running the industry now has a huge market value, in 2010 a number of internationally renowned sports brands gathered in Beijing Marathon