there are a variety of space, a huge consumer space. So running and related products in the sports market in more than 30% of the share is not surprising. "famous Sports Nike brand relevant sales staff revealed that the 2011 fiscal year running series products wholesale turnover reached $ 2.8 billion, an increase of 30%. According to economists, the relevant statistics, China's annual per capita consumption of only 100 yuan sports, while Europe and the annual per capita consumption of sports usually between 300-500 US dollars. State Sports General Administration also estimates in the coming years, with the rise of running and other sports industry, people exist in the consumer air max 1  space exciting sport, "This will be a two trillion yuan market scale." Today,
 even the heat of Running many senior running friends are surprised. "Today sprung running civil organizations that run the best embodiment of the heat continues to heat up." Experts in outdoor sports Su Ling cited an example, the relatively large civil organizations have run Bible network running, Run, run watercress group, happy to run, love running network, freedom horse; brands organization, with Li Ning iRUN running club, new Balance running club, running club methomyl, TNF ran Friends of Nike runners also have their own club. This is a huge industry for two 
years running consumer space, from the rapid increase of Chinese runners who can be seen. Su Ling Run to the number of active growth, for example, "Today there are more and more people join the ranks of the running, Run run as China's largest website in 2010, only 30,000 members Shihai, after only one year active membership has reached 80,000. Today, they are about 110,000 active members and even as air max 180 much. "mid-range pair of shoes made in China the price of $ 50 in the US market, where 60% of profits to sales channels providers, 30 percent owned by the brands, while Chinese manufacturers can only get 10%, that is $ 5, net of costs can only earn $ 1. Light industrial products in the export sector, the situation is changing. "Our country's light industry is to create 'an upgraded version of' accelerating the transformation and upgrading." Vice President of China Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Wenfeng Li said.