Light industry is a typical labor-intensive industries. Over the years, China's comparative advantage, to achieve leapfrog development. Light industrial products exports by $ 83.66 billion in 2001 increased to $ 565 billion in 2012, an average annual growth of 19%. Shoes, bags, toys, clocks, ceramics, furniture and other light industrial products export in the world for many years. However, as China's exports face of domestic and international environment is undergoing profound and complex changes, to maintain stable export growth is becoming increasingly difficult. Forced mechanism under  nike huarachethe guidance of the market and related policies, China's exports of light industry enterprises to make a lot of useful exploration. Some enterprises in order to change the OEM low profits, high risk and other issues, began to refuse to accept large orders, and gradually get rid of the control of international buyers, through the production of high-quality,
 small-batch fashion products, accounting for the high-end market segments, control the retail channel, control pricing. Guangdong Pearl Ceramics Arts Inspire companies and other enterprises to adopt this mode of operation, although the export volume declined, but stabilize corporate profits. In addition, many export enterprises in the light industry to consolidate traditional markets while actively explore South Africa, Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets. In 2012, China's light industrial products exports to emerging markets have greater growth. Light industry and business in general in the past by the OEM, the Acting "borrowed boat," attaches great importance to foreign companies are now building sales channels, start "shipbuilding sea" and "buy boat.
 Reporters learned in the interview, Zhejiang rookie bags by buying American and Hobie outdoor brand agency, directly into the Hobie brand's global sales network.In the product structure, light industrial enterprises to continuously upgrade its technology and product quality. Many foreign trade enterprises of light industry and R & D investment to reach 3-5% of total sales. Guangdong Star Cars (12.950, -0.03, -0.23%) companies using industrial robots (37.980,0.08,0.21%) spraying automatic production lines, efficiency greatly improved. Top Shanghai New luggage company using new materials production and export of light, energy-saving and environmental protection bags, favored by the market, the new chairman of the roof luggage converse all star company WANG Xiang-jun told reporters that their annual R & D costs in more than 5 million yuan. There are more and more companies began to cultivate their own brands, such as Belle (Belle stores) Shoe Company own